Part of your treatment at Pine Ridge Dental Group may include the use of digital photography in Longmont, Colorado. Our dentists, Dr. Michael Park and Dr. Nathan Angus, can use digital photography in a number of different ways. We can document the condition of your smile and use the images to track any changes in your mouth and teeth, or in your orofacial structures. Digital photography can also be useful in treatment planning for things such as Invisalign® and in particular for cosmetic treatments, like dental veneers. Not only can we use the images to help you understand the condition of your smile, but to also give you an idea of how your smile will look after your treatment.

Digital images are easy to store and to share. This is very useful if our team needs to consult with another health care provider, or if your insurance company needs the images in order to pay a claim.

To learn more about how digital photography can enhance your smile and your treatment, call 303-776-3030 today and speak with a member of our team to plan your visit.