One of the most versatile tools dentists have is the dental laser. The use of lasers has drastically improved treatment and, at our office, our dentists and team make use of laser dentistry in Longmont, Colorado, to give you the best possible care. At Pine Ridge Dental Group, we use dental lasers to address soft-tissue problems and for cleaning, especially in pocket reduction surgery.

Dental lasers can be used to remove bacteria and clean tartar and plaque from teeth and can remove tissue that has become infected. Lasers are also useful for treating canker sources and cold sores and removing excess gum tissue or correcting the gumline.

Laser dentistry has a number of benefits. For example, laser treatments often do not require anesthetic. Lasers can minimize the amount of bleeding associated with a treatment and can significantly lower the risk of an infection. Lasers can also be used to pinpoint a particular area, which means less impact on other areas of the mouth. These benefits also mean that the length of recovery time is often decreased.

If you are interested in learning more about laser dentistry and would like to see if Dr. Michael Park or Dr. Nathan Angus can make it a part of your next visit, call 303-776-3030 today to speak with a member of our team.